Eclectica Designs is a custom sewing business created by fabric artist Nancy Opp.  Fabric is Nancy’s canvas. She combines her artist background with her experience in fashion sewing and quilting. Nancy designs and custom sews unique embellished sweatshirt jackets and scarves of kimono silk and velvet. Nancy creates clothing, accessories and art quilts for retail and individuals. She works with customers to help develop their unique vision.

Welcome to Eclectica Designs

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by Nancy Opp

Kimono Silk Scarves

Unique Gift

Nancy will custom design a beautiful kimono scarf to specification for a gift or to brighten up your winter wardrobe.  An Eclectica Design scarf is a unique gift that you or your friend will treasure for years to come.

-Judy Reed

Eclectica Designs offers:

  1. BulletKimono Silk Scarves  with cotton, velvet, or velveteen backing

  2. BulletSerti Hand painted Silk Scarves

  3. BulletEmbellished Sweatshirt Jackets

  4. BulletDrawing and Fashion Drawing Classes

  5. BulletPrivate Sewing Lessons for Adults and Teens

  6. BulletFashion Design Classes for Teens and Tweens